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This isn't a site that tries to explain geocaching. There are other sites for that. I've set up this site just to share things I've found useful with other geocachers.


Kartex is the proprietary software used to display maps from Lantmäteriet (the Swedish national survey) on a PC. It supports waypoints but have its own format for waypoint files. As the waypoint files are comma-separated text files, they are possible to translate to and from other formats with GPSBabel. To do this you need a stylesheet that describes the format. I have made some stylesheets that you can download here, where you will also find instructions (in Swedish as the subject is Swedish maps).

Pocket Kartex

Pocket Kartex is a Pocket PC version of Kartex, which is distributed with some map CD:s. It's a rather simple piece of software, but a cheap alternative if you only want to display objects (for instance geocaches) on a map. The objects have to be in Pocket Access databases. I have made tools for producing such databases from Geocaching Swiss Army Knife. You also need Microsoft Excel and Access to use the tools. Instructions (in Swedish) and downloads can be found here.

Satellite Availability

Leica Geosystems provide a free program for satellite availabilty prediction. If you have current almanac data (can be downloaded from the same location), it shows how many satellites are visible at a given location over a certain time. It also gives an estimate of the accuracy of the measured position.


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